11 July 2010

another useless invention 8

Candwich - sandwich in a can

Apparently a real product, though not yet available from Mark One Foods Corp. There is a genuine patent registered. Description
Food items, and principally sandwiches, are disclosed as being packaged for dispensing from vending machines conventionally structured for vending containerized, that is, canned or bottled, beverages, such as soft drinks and the like. The present invention further discloses means for combining different food items in one packaging arrangement for dispensing from a vending machine conventionally structured for vending containerized beverages.
However, it probably won't appear in a store or vending machine near you soon. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a complaint against the financier associated with the company for fraud. According to CBS News and NPR (citing New York Times) money raised from investors for real estate was diverted to other ventures including Candwich.

Seriously, how long does it take to make a sandwich? As for being convenient to pack for camping, there are already lots of other pre-packaged foods already available.

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