06 July 2010

Stories of the Paris Métro

I've previously written about metros, and in particular, the Berlin U-Bahn. NPR recently broadcast a brilliant story about the Paris Métro. Extract of transcript
Few cities in the world are more identified with their subway systems than Paris. One of the busiest metro systems in the world, it carries more than 4 million riders a day on some 16 lines to 300 stations. To ride it is a visual carnival, a living history, an urban love story about the chemin de fer, or "path of iron."
Click on the NPR link above, then click on "Listen to the Story", it is worth the 14 minutes.

Jacki Lyden speaks to some interesting characters including an 11-year-old with a great passion, whose favourite Line is 14 (the dark purple one).

Personally, I like Line 1 (yellow). The neighbourhood between Bastille and St-Paul is wonderful.

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