03 August 2010

Australia's most famous dessert

On 25 July 2010, around 3.9 million Australians watched two contestants prepare a dessert in their bid to be MasterChef 2010.

Consequently, the dessert called Snow Egg, created by Peter Gilmore of Quay restaurant in Sydney is now the most famous in Australia. Reported in Sydney Morning Herald

After its starring role in the MasterChef final, Sydney restaurant Quay's snow egg is arguably the most famous dessert in the country.

“We've had to put extra people on [the section] to help make it,” Quay general manager John Fink says of the stratospheric demand over the past week for the dessert (pictured).

“We've had people phone up asking if we do it as takeaway,” he says.
It looks stunning.


* poached meringue
* maltose tuilles
* guava puree
* guava granita
* custard apple ice cream
* vanilla custard base
* vanilla cream
* guava fool

Poached Meringue

* 300g egg white
* 300g sugar

Maltose Tuilles

* 200g liquid maltose
* 100g sugar
* 20g flaked almonds

Guava Puree

* 175g sugar
* 250ml water
* ½ vanilla bean
* 375g strawberry guava flesh

Guava Granita

* 500ml water
* 100g sugar
* 400g strawberry guavas, peeled
* 100g fresh strawberries

Custard Apple Ice Cream

* 6 egg yolks
* 200g sugar
* 200ml milk
* 300ml clear custard apple juice
* 100ml single cream

Vanilla Custard Base

* 400ml single cream
* 2 vanilla beans
* 1 whole egg
* 3 egg yolks
* 80g sugar

Vanilla cream

* 100g vanilla custard base
* 100g double cream

Guava Fool

* 400g guava puree
* 200g vanilla cream

The full recipe can be found at Lifestyle Food Channel or MasterChef.

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