18 August 2010

headline of the month and fishy puns

From ABC News (Australia)
Elusive marriage-wrecking fish carps it
In reporting the death of a 45-year-old much loved carp in the UK, only Australia's ABC came up with a headline with a pun. Even worse were some of the comments including, in sequence
I shouldn't carp but that fish has haddock. I hope it goes to a better plaice. (David Skidmore)

Indeed - not even the most gillful of sturgeons could have warded off the bream reaper here. (lefthandside)

His sole has gone to a betta plaice, he's with the angelfish now. fin. (pun gent)

You're saying he's with his Cod? (bark)

Surely you both mean a 'batter plaice' (KJ)

stop this wordplay nonsense, it's making me feel eel. (Glen)
Smells a bit fishy to me.

See ITN News report

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