13 August 2010

Twin pandas

Adventure World, located at Katata Shirahama-cho Nishimuro-gun Wakayama in Japan, announced that nine-year-old Rauhin gave birth twin cubs, a male and female, on 11 August 2010, as a result of natural mating (not artificial insemination).

Rauhin herself was born at Adventure World on 6 September 2000.

This birth is her second, her first set of twins were born on 13 September 2008 (Meihin and Eihin), also from natural mating.

Given their very low numbers, every birth of a panda is news and celebrated world-wide. Besides, they're cute too!

See reporting by AFP.


nate said...

they sure are cute!
hey daniel, I finally--after months of delays--had one of those KFC double meat sandwiches. It was way smaller than the pictures, slimy, and strange. Don't think I will have another anytime soon.

How did you like Inception?

Daniel said...