22 September 2010

Free sparkling water. In Paris.

I've written a number of times about bottled water and the ethical question about the cost to the environment.

On Tuesday, a drinking fountain that dispenses chilled and room temperature tap water either still or sparkling/fizzy was opened at a park in Paris. From AFP, excerpt

PARIS — "La Pétillante", première fontaine publique distribuant de l'eau gazeuse en France, a été inaugurée mardi dans le jardin de Reuilly (XIIe arrondissement) à Paris, avec une dégustation offerte à 200 écoliers, a-t-on appris auprès de la régie municipale Eau de Paris.

Ressemblant à un kiosque, cette fontaine publique distribue de l'eau tempérée, de l'eau fraîche, mais surtout, pour la première fois, de l'eau pétillante.

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The water comes directly through Parisian water pipes. This is the first facility to chill the water and add carbon dioxide to render it sparkling. It is expected to decrease the use of bottled water. Hopefully, there are plans to add kiosks offering chilled sparkling water to other locations and not just in parks.

People queue to take fizzy water during the inauguration of the first fizzy water fountain in a park in Paris September 21, 2010. Eco-conscious Parisians can now get their sparkling water free and in unlimited supply at a new public drinking fountain installed by city authorities, which aims to wean consumers off bottled water and onto tap. To match Reuters Life! FRANCE-WATER  REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer (FRANCE - Tags: SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT)
photo by Philippe Wojazer/Reuters (via PicApp)

See also ITN News below (and BBC)

I think a fountain offering chilled sparkling champagne would be even more popular.

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