30 September 2010

Seeking a pambassador

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding has announced the winners of its search for six Chengdu Pambassadors (or Panda Ambassadors), chosen from 12 finalists
1. 王郁文(台湾) 决赛总得分:176分 (No.1 Name: Wangyuwen (Taiwan) Votes: 176)
2. David Alqranti (法国)决赛总得分:171分(No.2 Name: David Alqranti (French) Votes: 171)
3. Ali Shakorian(瑞典)决赛总得分:169分 (No.3 Name: Ali Shakorian (Sweden) Votes: 169)
4. 黄西(中国) 决赛总得分:166分 (No.4 Name: Huang (China) Votes: 166)
5. Ashley Robertson (美国) 决赛总得分:164分 (No.5 Name: Ashley Robertson (American) Votes: 164)
6. Yumiko Kajiwara (日本)决赛总得分:162分 (No.6 Name: Yumiko Kajiwara (Japan) Votes: 162)
61,000 entries from 52 countries were received. The Six winners will spend a month in China at the Chengdu facility.

See SkyNews in the lead up to the selection.

ABC News (US)

What a dream job.

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