19 September 2010

September is Save The Koala Month

From Australian Koala Foundation, media release
September is Save The Koala Month and this year the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is hoping to celebrate it with koala lovers from all over the world.

With wild koala numbers estimated to be less than 80,000 and possibly as low as 43, 000 the AKF is asking everybody to help raise awareness of the plight of our much loved, globally famous and rapidly disappearing national icon by taking an active role in Save the Koala Month.

“Our focus this year is an online campaign to minimize costs and our impact on the environment by encouraging everyone from all around the world to visit savethekoala.com to find out how they can help” said Ms Deborah Tabart OAM CEO of the Australian Koala Foundation.

“We have made it easy to donate online with the introduction of Pay Pal and to show our appreciation we are emailing people who make a donation over $30 a beautiful personalized thank you certificate featuring Hilda, one of our cutest foster koalas” said Ms Tabart

Businesses who want to help out can put a very cute “Donate Today” button on their website that directly links to the Save The Koala Month donation page.

“We are encouraging people to join our Facebook fan page Save the Australian Koala and for those who prefer face to face social networking and fundraising we want you to get creative…make cupcakes for work, hold a cuppa for koalas morning tea, a Sausage Sizzle, Garage Sale, Dress Casual for Koalas, swim, run, bike ride for the Koala.

“Every little bit helps us raise much need funds and awareness for the plight of the wild koala” Ms Tabart said.

Supporters can register any fundraising event with the AKF for free and will receive images to help them promote it. Remember whatever you can do will really help.

All Save the Koala Month activities are listed on the Australian Koala Foundation’s website www.savethekoala.com
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The koala is also not a bear.

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