15 September 2010

Worse than bullfighting

In late July, I wrote about the Spain's regional Catalan parliament banning bullfighting, effective from 2012.

Yesterday (Tuesday), the Spanish town of Tordesillas 'celebrated' the Torneo del Toro de la Vega (the tournament of the bull in the meadow), the ritual sacrifice of a bull.

A lone toro (bull) named Platanito was driven by horsemen wielding spears across the bridge over the river Duero from the town to a meadow (vega). Surrounded by horsemen, lancers then compete to wound and kill the bull.

Footage from EFE

Video from PACMA

Agonía y muerte del Toro de la Vega en Tordesillas from PACMA TV on Vimeo.

See Partido Antitaurino Contra el Maltrato Animal (PACMA) and reporting in Sydney Morning Herald (from AFP)

On Sunday, PACMA staged protests against the event, which dates back as early as 1453 before the advent of organised bullfighting towards the end of the 17th century.

As I've mentioned previously, how can decent human beings torment and torture an animal for fun and maintain their right to continue doing so because of tradition?

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