25 October 2010

Brisbane zombie walk

The fifth Brisbane zombie walk occurred yesterday.  Unfortunately, regular zombie reporter for the ABC, Gary Kemble, was unable to attend. Brisbane Times (Fairfax) reported that some 10,000 zombies shuffled through Brisbane yesterday. Excerpt
The Brisbane Zombie Walk 2010 attracted police car escorts and caused minor traffic delays as about 10,000 people dressed in fake-blood splattered costumes and moaning for brains walked from Wickham Park to Fortitude Valley.

“I do this every year,” said zombie walker Ged Maybury, of Logan, who only started making his costume on Saturday.

“I'm trying to catch up (with the crowd) but I keep having to stop for people to take my photo.”

Paige Vickers heard about the event from her flatmate.

She caught the bus into town covered in red food dye mixed with glucose syrup.

“I didn't care. Half the bus was filled up with zombies. There's thousands of us here,” she said.

Meanwhile blood-splattered bride Vanessa Campbell and her friends found yesterday was a nice day for a white - and red flecked - wedding.

“Who doesn't love dressing up?” she said.

The annual event raises money for the Brain Foundation Australia but organisers say the walk is also for fun and for those “obsessed with the living dead”.
Photos from facebook group

 (photo by Ryan Cunningham)

 (photo by Ellie Marie Whiting)

Here is a video footage, although the zombies appear to be a little too animated

Zombie walks also took place in Sydney, Melbourne and cities around the world.

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