28 October 2010

Watching watches

A consumer survey by Mintel Oxygen revealed that "some 86% of consumers wear a watch, but nearly 40% only buy a new one when their old one is broken". The rest of the report will cost £1500, US$2310 or €1793.

Fortunately, BBC News Magazine was either provided a free copy of the report, or purchased the report, and was able to report that the 14% of consumers not owning a watch claimed they did need one, numbering some 7.2 million people in the United Kingdom and likely to grow due to ownership of mobile phones. Particularly amongst young people.

With wrist watches becoming unpopular with young people, there are concerns that it will become redundant. Obviously, the report could concern watchmakers.

Obviously, some people are under the impression that watches are used to tell the time. This is only a minor useful function. Watches are actually a fashion accessory that should look good.

Nevermind Rolex. The perfect fashionable watches are made by Patek Philippe, particularly the 5004G.

However, I will just have to be satisfied with Longines.

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