24 November 2010

Me no understand Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster has been on Sesame Street for 44 years. While residents of 1-2-3 Sesame Street have taught generations of children to count numbers, recite the alphabet, how to behave, and how to communicate using English, they have also failed to teach Cookie Monster how to speak English correctly.

Cookie Monster recently auditioned to host Saturday Night Live (SNL).

In that audition recording, Cookie Monster continues to refer to himself subjectively as me, as in "Me know many of you..." using the objective case pronoun and not "I", the subjective case pronoun.

Surely it is time he learns the rules of grammar.

Here, it seems that his own father speaks in the manner of someone whose first language is not English.

Clearly, having grown up with other native English speakers, Cookie Monster's standard of English should be better.

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