21 December 2010

Esperanza. Mother of the Year.

Uploaded to YouTube by Edmonton Humane Society (Alberta, Canada) on 9 December 2010 - this is a lovely and inspiring story of a wonderful canine.

The story was picked up by Sylvia Strojek for The Canadian Press on 19 December 2010 and syndicated to a number of Canadian media outlets including Winnepeg Free Press. Excerpt
EDMONTON - She was a young, homeless single mom trying to raise a family of five, but true to the spirit of the season there was room for one more.

Esperanza had been badly injured when she was hit by a car, but the young shepherd-cross with the thick white coat was still managing to care for her newborn puppies — and a kitten — when she was found on a central Alberta reserve.

Criss Gerwing, who runs a small animal rescue group, discovered the dog earlier this month and couldn't believe it when the canine led her to her blended brood.

"I cried because she was in such bad condition with her leg, but she was obviously nursing her puppies and this kitten," Gerwing told a media outlet.

Gerwing took the entire family to the Edmonton Humane Society, where veterinarians thought they'd have to amputate the mother dog's bad leg.

But local vet, Dr. Milton Ness, volunteered to do a special surgery that saved Esperanza's hind quarter.

He calls her a "special soul." Shawna Randolph at the humane society couldn't agree more.

"She is such a sweet, sweet dog. She has such a wonderful personality," Randoph said.
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It's a mystery why anybody would have dumped Esperanza in the first place. Such a sweet natured canine.

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