26 March 2011

football - round 1

Fremantle  3.5  6.8  8.14  13.16 (94)
Brisbane Lions  4.5  8.6  10.7  14.8 (92)

Mayne 2, Walters 2, Pitt, Mundy, Hill, Lower, Fyfe, Sandilands, Suban, Ballantyne, Bradley.
Brisbane Lions: Brown 3, Beams 2, Banfield 2, Rich 2, Polkinghorne, O’Brien, Bewick, Clark, Lester

Fremantle: Pavlich, Sandilands, Mundy, McPhee, Mayne, Fyfe
Brisbane Lions:  Black, Leuenberger, Rich, Rockliff, Merrett, Brown, Hanley

Brisbane Lions: Power (back, replaced in selected side by Beams), Brown (nose), Staker (ankle)

Umpires: Donlon, Stewart, Kamolins

There was some first class effort by first-gamers and younger players who managed a few goals. Unfortunately, despite leading for most of the game, Fremantle was able to overcome the tired legs of the Brisbane Lions' players in the last few minutes to snatch victory in a close game.

Pictures by Getty Images (Chris Hyde)

Simon Black with a handball under pressure

Mitch Clark with a handball before being tackled

Ryan Lester's first game

Matthew Leuenberger with some great ruck work

Jess O'Brien

Brent Staker with a chest mark

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd attended the game (picture from Brisbane Lions, flanked by club CEO Malcolm Holmes at Mr Rudd's right, and club Chairman Angus Johnson at his right).

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