10 April 2011

football - round 3

Melbourne                 1.1       6.3       11.7    12.10 (82)
Brisbane Lions           5.2       7.3       9.3       11.5 (71)

Jurrah 5, Wonaeamirri, Gysberts, Grimes, Sylvia, Bennell, Dunn, Moloney
Brisbane Lions:
Power 4, Banfield 2, Polkinghorne, Leuenberger, Redden, Clark, Rockliff

Jamar, Jurrah, Moloney, Gysberts, Sylvia, Jones, Frawley
Brisbane Lions: Clark, Power, Adcock, Banfield, Black, Raines, Polec

Brisbane Lions: Clark (dislocated finger)

Umpires: Schmitt, Chamberlain, Keating
Official crowd:  24, 380 at MCG

The first quarter was good but the Lions could not sustain the momentum. I had not expected a win given Melbourne is supposedly a team on the way up, while the Lions are on the way down compared to last year. Still, it was messy game in the rain. Mitch Clark was everywhere and did some great things but was let down on a few occasions by ineffective disposals. Luke Power was outstanding.

Match report.

Tom Rockliff (photo by Slattery Media, Darrian Traynor)

Mitch Clark (photo by Slattery Media, Sean Garnsworthy)

Luke Power (photo by Slattery Media, Sean Garnsworthy)

Jack Redden (photo by Slattery Media, Sean Garnsworthy)

In other news, my other team, Essendon, won their game.

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