21 April 2011

football - round 5

Brisbane 4.4   5.6  9.9  11.10 (76)
St Kilda 5.2  6.4  9.4  13.11 (89)

Brisbane: Clark 4, Redden 2, Polkinghorne, Polec, Adcock, Power, Rockliff
St Kilda: Schneider 3, Milne 2,  Gram 2, Steven 2, Ray, Goddard, Riewoldt, Dal Santo

Brisbane: Adcock, Leuenberger, Rockliff, Merrett, Redden, Clark
St Kilda: Montagna, Goddard, Schneider, Gram, Steven, Riewoldt

Brisbane: Bewick (back)

Umpires: Donlon, Kamolins, Jeffery
Official crowd: 22,520

Last weekend (Round 4) was a bye so both teams were well rested. Tonight's game was scrappy but the Brisbane Lions were persistent, leading on the scoreboard towards the final quarter. The game could have been won if goal-kicking was more accurate.  Mitch Clark has been consistently good as a forward.

Match report.

Jack Redden with a goal celebration (photo by Slattery Media, Bradley Kanaris)

Jed Adcock (photo by Getty Images, Jonathan Wood)

Matthew Leuenberger takes a mark (photo by Slattery Media, Bradley Kanaris)

Simon Black about to handball (photo by Getty Images, Jonathan Wood)

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