07 May 2011

football - round 7 - QClash 1

Gold Coast:            6.3  10.8  13.13  18.16 (124)
Brisbane Lions:      3.2  6.5    11.7    17.14 (116)

Gold Coast: Krakouer 5, Matera 2, Patrick 2, Lynch 2, Stanley, Shaw, McKenzie, Iles, Harris, Daye, Brennan
Brisbane Lions: McGrath 6, Rich 3, Banfield 2, Clark 2, Polkinghorne, Black, Beams, Adcock

Gold Coast: Brennan, Krakouer, Smith, Rischitelli, Ablett, Harris
Brisbane Lions: Rich, Black, McGrath, Leuenberger, Hanley

INJURIESGold Coast: Gorringe (hamstring)
Brisbane Lions: Raines (concussion)

Umpires: Jennings, Ryan, McInerney
Official crowd: 25,504 at the Gabba

Dubbed the 'QClash' - Q for Queensland for the two teams in the state, the inaugural rivalry game was lost by the Brisbane Lions. Gold Coast Suns led for most of the game until the final quarter when the score was even on two occasions. While a disappointing loss, there were glimmers of hope such as some of Ash McGrath's seemingly impossible goals.

The Australian Football League (AFL) wanted to generate interest in the game and develop a rivalry and have succeeded in doing so. The loss is going to hurt and the Lions would not ever want to lose to the upstarts down the road again if they can help it.

Match report.

Todd Banfield getting a handball away (photo: Jason O'Brien/Slattery Media)

Ash McGrath with a strong mark (photo: Jason O'Brien/Slattery Media)

Joel Patfull getting a kick away before being tackled (photo: Chris Hyde/Getty)

Daniel Rich under siege (photo: Chris Hyde/Getty)

In other news, I did attend a live game this afternoon between the Western Bulldogs and Sydney Swans. While the game was dull, I met the legendary Kevin Sheedy.

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