12 June 2011

football - round 12

Carlton                      4.4   8.8    14.9   19.10 (124)

Brisbane Lions          2.3   3.5    4.8      9.9 (63)

 - Carlton:  Walker 5, Betts 3, Ellard 2, Garlett 2, Hampson 2, Murphy 2, Carrazzo, Russell, Garlett, Henderson, Tuohy

Brisbane Lions:  Brown 2, Clark 2, McGrath 2, Rich, Black, Collier

Carlton: Simpson, Judd, Murphy, Scotland, Walker, Tuohy

Brisbane Lions: Redden, Rockliff, Black, Clark

Margetts, Kennedy, Ryan

Official crowd:
43,617 at Etihad Stadium

There was almost no chance of winning this game. It was also rather painful to watch, even on television. I can be thankful not to have made the trip to Melbourne for this game. Match report.

Cheynee Stiller (photo: Andrew White/Slattery Media)

Simon Black (photo: Hamish Blair/Getty)

Tom Rockliff (photo: Hamish Blair/Getty)

Todd Banfield (photo: Greg Ford/Slattery Media)

Ash McGrath (photo: Greg Ford/Slattery Media)

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