17 July 2011

football - round 17

Geelong                     3.4      9.4      13.8    20.13 (133)
Brisbane Lions          4.6      8.8      13.11  15.14 (104)

Podsiadly 8, Hawkins 3, Corey 2, Christensen 2, Stokes, Johnson, Hunt, Varcoe, Bartel
Brisbane Lions: Banfield 4, Clark 3, Karnezis, Hawksley 2, Rockliff, McGrath, Power, Sheldon

Podsiadly, Bartel, Corey, Christensen, Taylor, Stokes
Brisbane Lions: Leuenberger, Black, Banfield, Raines, Hanley, Rockliff

Brisbane Lions:
Brown (face)

Simon Hogan replaced by Steven Motlop in the third quarter
Brisbane Lions: Jonathan Brown replaced by Ryan Harwood in the third quarter

Umpires: Kennedy, Bowen, Pannell
Official crowd: 19,906 at the Gabba

Unfortunately, this game was not broadcast live across most of Australia and the free-to-air channel and subscription satellite service showed the same Sydney game instead. Live reports via Twitter showed that Brisbane Lions were certainly playing well for the first three quarters and led on the scoreboard for much of that time. While it was a loss, Brisbane Lions held well, particularly during the absence of Mitch Clark and captain Jonathan Brown following a ground collision. Match report by Michael Whiting.

'Goose' Matt Maguire (photo: Bradley Kanaris/Slattery Media)

Patrick Karnezis (photo: Bradley Kanaris/Slattery Media)

Joel Patfull (photo: Bradley Kanaris/Slattery Media)

Brent Staker praying after the game (photo: Chris Hyde/Getty)

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