23 July 2011

football - round 18

North Melbourne    4.7 8.10 12.15     17.20 (122)      
Brisbane Lions         4.0  8.5  10.6      11.11 (77)

North Melbourne: Pedersen 3, Petrie 3, Harper 2, Edwards 2, Wells 2, Bastinac 2, Goldstein 2, Warren
Brisbane Lions: Cornelius 2, Karnezis 2, Clark, Polkinghorne, Black, Power, Rockliff, Hawksley, Banfield

North Melbourne: Bastinac, Harvey, Ziebell, Swallow, Petrie , Adams, Edwards, Goldstein, McMahon
Brisbane Lions: Black, Rockliff, Redden, Raines, Leuenberger, Adcock

Reports: Michael Firrito (North Melbourne) reported for striking Simon Black (Brisbane Lions) in the second quarter.

Umpires: Dalgleish, Chamberlain, Pannell
Official Crowd: 20,809 at Etihad Stadium

It was a promising start for the Brisbane Lions and there was a slight chance until the third and fourth quarters. In the end, the Lions couldn't deliver. Match report by Jennifer Witham.

James Polkinghorne (photo: Andrew White/Slattery Media)

Jack Redden flies for a mark (photo: Mark Dadswell/Getty)

Brent Staker (photo: Andrew White/Slattery Media)

Simon White (photo: Sean Garnsworthy/Slattery Media)

A contested (pack) mark (photo: Robert Prezioso/Getty)

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