13 June 2007

taking dry cleaners to the cleaners...

From Washington Post
In 2005, [Roy] Pearson was starting his new job as a judge and therefore needed to start wearing suits again after a couple of years of unemployment. He brought five suits in for alterations because he'd put on 20 pounds and needed to have the pants let out. Four suits came back fine. One came back without the pants.

Pearson says the Chung family -- Korean immigrants who came here from the charcoal factories of Seoul in 1992 and now own three cleaners, including the one a short walk from Pearson's place in the Fort Lincoln section of Northeast -- had no intention of living up to the sign in their shop that said "Satisfaction Guaranteed." Therefore, Pearson said, he had no choice but to take on "the awesome responsibility" of suing the Chungs on behalf of every resident of the District of Columbia.

Um $65 million in damages, which Pearson has reduced to $54 million.

The Chung family is being represented by Manning & Sossamon - statement about the case here.

The Chung family has set up the Custom Cleaners Defense Fund for donations.

Somebody, anybody, just buy Pearson a new suit. Could the judge have thrown the case out?

Happy Wednesday


Miss_K said...

"Somebody, anybody, just buy Pearson a new suit. Could the judge have thrown the case out?"

That's exactly what I said when I read this story yesterday. The judge should throw out the case and make Pearson pay the court costs for wasting everyone's time.

Jen from the Morning Scratch said...

Wow. $65 million in damages? For pants? I'm going to ask for that for my falling-apart house! Ha!

Bogdan, the editor said...

Hey Daniel ...

We're on our way!!

(OK, not really... but we WISH we were on our way ...)