04 June 2007

whose responsibility?

From Fox News

Michigan Man Fined for Using Coffee Shop's Wi-Fi Network

Friday, June 01, 2007

A Michigan man has been fined $400 and given 40 hours of community service for accessing an open wireless Internet connection outside a coffee shop.

Under a little known state law against computer hackers, Sam Peterson II, of Cedar Springs, Mich., faced a felony charge after cops found him on March 27 sitting in front of the Re-Union Street Café in Sparta, Mich., surfing the Web from his brand-new laptop.

Last week, Peterson chose to pay the fine instead as part of a jail-diversion program.

"I think a lot of people should be shocked, because quite honestly, I still don't understand it myself," Peterson told FOXNews.com "I do not understand how this is illegal."

This is ridiculous. Surely people and businesses who have a wireless router/modem should password protect it. Otherwise, it is their own stupid fault that other people can piggy-back on their internet access.

I returned home today. It was a great weekend despite the appalling football result by my team.

On Saturday morning, I went into the city to buy a laptop sleeve. I then took two trams from St Kilda Road to Malvern (silly idea as the trams took forever, first along Commercial Road/Malvern Road, then along Glenferrie Road - Malvern is a huge suburb). I met with old friends Paul and Pauline for lunch (she cooked mussels) before heading to the city to the Turf Bar.

After one beef at the Turf Bar, meeting with Paul and Tim again, and Tim's friend Jason, I went to the Telstra Dome stadium, met up with young Rohan and we went to visit the players' rooms where we watched them warm up for the game.

Afterwards, I met up with Tim, Paul and Jason who was treating us all to Medallion Club tickets (premium seats).

After the game, I caught up with a few players again. It was great having a longer talk to Shermo this time.

On Sunday, I caught a tram and train to Elizabeth and Fritz's place (took about an hour). We met up with Sue, visiting from Canberra as well, and her friend Kerry for a dim sum (yum cha) lunch. In the afternoon, I helped Fritz make dumplings for dinner.

This morning Fritz took me to Williamstown, now a suburb of Melbourne where I checked out the boats he is working on at the marina. Nice area.

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view of the marina with the city in the background

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