19 June 2007

the world's most hated blogger

I thought it might have been Paris Hilton too, but a blogger needs to be literate.

No, it's actually someone called Casey Serin. I read about him in the Sydney Morning Herald today - he's in Australia at the moment.

The blog - iamfacingforeclosure.com (or IAFF, for short) - started as a cautionary tale to warn other would-be investors of the pitfalls of property speculation. But it unexpectedly turned its author into the punching bag of the World Wide Web.

He has been mocked, pilloried, hounded and harangued in a way that would have driven most others to abandon their blogs, disconnect their computers and head for the hills.

The critics, who call themselves "haterz", have turned their pursuit of the 24-year-old American into a blood sport in which they vie with one another to pour industrial-strength vitriol onto their quarry and derail his efforts to redeem himself.

Currently there are about eight known blogs plus a Wikipedia-like collaborative site called Caseypedia targeting the aspiring entrepreneur.

And each day the haterz pepper his blog posts with snide comments, gratuitous advice and fill his inbox with invective, accusing him of cheating, lying, slacking off and deserting his wife.

Casey Serin in downtown Sydney.

Casey Serin in downtown Sydney.
Photo: Stephen Hutcheon

He's also looking for handouts here.

My stay with my current Australian host is coming to an end this week due to some complications. So I figure I take advantage of some recent exposure in Sydney Morning Herald (and Argentina) and ask.

Can somebody offer me a place to stay so I can finish up some stuff here in Australia?

Preferably on the east coast: Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. But I’ll consider other areas. “Beggars can’t be Choosers” right? Some help with travel expenses would be much appreciated as well.

He's also a handy photographer.

Sydney Harbor at nightAt the Sydney Opera House (closeup)Sydney Opera house and city viewWorld's Most Hated Blogger at the Sydney Opera HouseSydney Harbor Bridge viewYes, The Sydney Opera House!Street performerHmmm... pretty niceCity buildings, many with well-known company logosGoing accross the bridgeMore city drivin'Finally go to drive around and see the cityCity view 2City view 1 in the morningVegemiteBreakfast in the CitySydney CityviewDoing some drivin' around the area for onceThat's what I call a "Shipwreck Foreclosure"Closeup on Pasha BulkerCan't look awayThis wreck is drawing the crowdsSweet 4x4s with a Snorkel!Driving on the WRONG sideEarly riser!Gotta surviveInteresting looking FordCuckabarrows?Here birdie birdieUh... Australian breakfast?My comfortable bedMy prison cell... err... room i'm stayin inSomewhere in the Australian "bush"

There is definitely is money to be made in being hated.

Today was cold.


Bogdan, the editor said...

He sorta looks like Dana Carvey.

Daniel said...

Yes, I also have no idea who Dana Carvey is either!!

Sirenita said...

Can't tell if this guy is hapless or a psychopath. Probably a little of both. But his notoriety obscures the reality of normal people who get sucked into these "liar loans" by unscrupulous real estate agents and loan brokers. As this is a local phenomenon and his specialty, I think Milagrito must have his say on his own blog.

Good finding your blog, Daniel.

Anonymous said...

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