20 June 2007

Le Viaduc de Millau - an engineering feat

One of the most amazing engineering marvels of the twenty-first century is the Viaduc de Millau located in southern France which spans over and across the Tarn Valley.

If it was over a harbour, it would be more famous.

The sun was out today, but it was still cold.


Bogdan, the editor said...

Cold?! You should try the northern hemisphere for a while.

I think that bridge is amazing, but I am a little sad a perfectly good valley was ruined by a man-made object.

Daniel said...

How right you are Bogdan.

People are so impatient these days to go from one place to another.

Take the winding road...

A. said...

Excuse me butting in where I don't particularly belong. I came across your blog through the reference to Malawi!

I've been across the Millau viaduct perhaps half a dozen times now. I'll take it any day rather than the sick-making windy road which is the alternative.

That is a fntastic picture you have there but gives a very distorted picture. The actual bridge doesn't seem to dominate the landscape nearly so much, and when you do come through a gap in the mountains and see it, it's quite a breathtaking sight.

I do appreciate what you're saying but don't agree that it's ruined the valley. I bet the people who lived on or near the windy road would agree.