25 October 2007

A380 - superjumbo lands in Sydney

Today was a significant date in aviation history.

The first commercial flight of the Airbus A380 superjumbo, a Singapore Airlines flight aptly coded SQ380 landed in Sydney today in its first inaugural (maiden?) flight from Singapore.

All seats were sold by auction with the proceeds going to charity.

Sydney Morning Herald articles
- A380 lands in Sydney
- A-one service in seat 1A of Airbus superjumbo
- Superjumbo ticket 'worth every penny'
- Now you can hop on a double-decker bus to Sydney

Singapore Airline's private cabin class will replace first class on the A380. The price of a suite is estimated to be about $A12,564 on the Singapore-Sydney route.
Beyond First Class

The double suites class seats converted into a doublebed inside the Singapore Airlines superjumbo Airbus A380.
Also... Mile High Class

The Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 superjumbo comes in for a landing at Sydney Airport.
perhaps it should be nicknamed the Blimp

Airport workers crowd around the superjumbo after its arrival at Sydney Airport.

It finally rained today and I got to use my umbrella after work. It was just a light sprinkle in the end, until later tonight.

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