24 October 2007

mousetraps don't have to kill

Roger Arquer has designed mousetraps that let mice live. From de zeen (online design magazine)




Mouse in a Planting Pot (above) is a glass planting pot which has a long spring attached on the top going down outside. Once the mouse climbs up and goes at the end of the spring, the spring bends in and the mouse falls inside the container, when it releases the spring. It gets caught since the spring has returned to its original position.

More examples in the de zeen link above.

A better solution would be to adopt a kitty who would chase them out. I still miss Keiser.

Happy Wednesday. Work is getting boring.

I went to the markets after work on the way home and bumped into Mary at the fish shop. Coincidentally, we had bought bream. Anyway, it was a good opportunity to visit for a beer. Momo the puppy was very playful.

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