29 October 2007

food wasters + freegans

The UK Observer yesterday reported one third of all food bought in Britain is thrown away (half of that still edible).

Four days earlier, the Sydney Morning Herald reprinted a story from the Los Angeles Times about freegans, who 'salvage' food that has been thrown out.

Freegans mainly salvage from commercial food outlets which is a good thing.

Household consumers should really only buy as much food as they need and use.

Monday is Supernatural night.


Kat 3 said...

Hi! It's been a while.

We try to buy as much as possible from the farmers market, and only buy in small portions. That way, we waste little. I can't believe 1/3 is wasted! How terrible.

We have a lot of Freegans here in San Luis Obispo.

Daniel said...

Nothing better than leftovers!