29 March 2009

name this shrimp

The Australian Marine Conservation Society is auctioning the naming rights (scientific name) for a newly discovered species of shrimp.

About the Shrimp
This newly described species is a mysterious little creature living in the cool dark depths of our South-west oceans. Despite living 400m below the surface, this shrimp species has a jewel-like appearance. Morphing from yellow to green, this spectacular shrimp is covered in scarlet spots and sports a toothed crest across the top of its body, which gives it the delightful appearance of having a mohawk. It is in the group or genus of shrimps known as Lebbeus, and is waiting for you to place your bid and choose a unique species name that will go down in scientific history.

Name the shrimp after yourself or perhaps a loved one. What a unique and amazing gift it would be!

About the Campaign
Proceeds from this auction will go towards protecting WA's globally significant oceans. The region (see map) is incredibly special, with over 80% of the marine species found nowhere else on the planet.

Less than 1% of our South-west oceans are protected in marine sanctuaries, where all life is safe from harm. AMCS is working with a coalition of conservation groups to establish large marine sanctuaries to protect WA's outstanding marine wildlife. Your bid will help us get there.

So far, the latest bid is AUD 3050 on eBay.

Now as for the common name, how about Horse Prawn?

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