30 March 2009

sci fi saviours

One would think that science fiction is futuristic and completely non-religious. There was a great article in (New York) City Journal
There is a young man, different from other young men. Ancient prophecies foretell his coming, and he performs miraculous feats. Eventually, confronted by his enemies, he must sacrifice his own life—an act that saves mankind from calamity—but in a mystery as great as that of his origin, he is reborn, to preside in glory over a world redeemed.
A familiar story to Christians. Change a few details, and it's The Matrix or Superman Returns.

In fact, stories about good triumphing over evil, such as Star Wars have religious undertones.

The re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, as many fans found out after watching the finale, was about god.

Even in an imagined future, we all want to be saved.

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