06 October 2009

new Doctor Who logo revealed

Today, the BBC revealed the new logo for Doctor Who for the 2010 season

I still like the old one from 1973 to 1980, which was for Sarah Jane Smith's first episode and continued for most of the fourth Doctor's run (Tom Baker)

In other news, the (UK) Daily Telegraph has revealed another photo from the set

Karen Gillan: Smith and Gillan began filming the new series in July, which will be broadcast on BBC One next spring. Photo: HUW JOHN

Just like The Guardian, the Daily Telegraph also has an entire Doctor Who section in its online edition under television and radio. Woohoo!


Nate said...

Me like the new one. That old was pretty cool though.

In unrelated topics: Daniel you need to throw some love your music blog way. You can't seriously say that there hasn't been any music that has stirred your fancy in the last 10 months. As your profile says: "now read it damn it" I say now update it damn it!

Daniel said...

Music has been seriously neglected! I will rectify. The sound on my computer is warped though, due to a prior virus or trojan infection.