28 April 2010

Another Banksy destroyed

This blog has followed the travels and travails of the artist Banksy for over two years.

It seems that another significant Banksy work has been destroyed by over-zealous cleaners contracted by the city council of Melbourne. Reported in The Age,

MELBOURNE City Council sent the cleaners into Hosier Lane on Thursday to tidy up the rat-infested garbage, but they caught the wrong rat.

A request by deputy lord mayor Susan Riley to clean up the laneway, world famous for its colourful street art, inadvertently resulted in the painting over of a stencil of a rat by the celebrated British graffiti artist Banksy.

''I went down there on Thursday and saw the cleaners and said: 'You realise you have just painted over a Banksy?','' Hosier Lane resident Kerry Butcher told The Age yesterday. ''And they said: 'We are just doing what we're told'.''

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A picture of the work, a parachuting rat, can be seen here.

Nevermind, it was just paint over stencil. Banksy can always recreate it.

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