29 April 2010

Marmite might 2

I've previously written about both Marmite and Vegemite, noting that Marmite is a passable substitute for Vegemite for Australian travellers to the UK. Both products made of yeast extract, the by-product of brewing beer, I was pleasantly surprised to read a recent article by Michele Kayal for NPR, an American defending Marmite. Excerpt
... Its stench stings your nose. I call it glossy, but I'll give you slimy. To me, it's pure umami. To you, it's like sucking on a bouillon cube. Plus, it looks like sludge. In fact, it is a kind of sludge.
In the article, Kayal writes about visiting the Marmite factory and observing how it is made. She was also excited about the new Marmite XO, a stronger and more pungent version.

I want to get some.

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