06 April 2010

creating a scene 2

Two years ago, I wrote about Improv Everywhere's impromptu food court musical. Since then, they have performed another two in 2009, Grocery Store and I Love Lunch.

More recently (on 24 March), the University of Oregan's all male a cappella ensemble called On the Rocks travelled to New York and whilst on a train in the Subway, 'rick roll'd' other passengers.

Awesome. There is nothing more liberating than bursting into song in public.

Interestingly, there is a huge difference between passengers travelling on the New York Subway and those on the Paris Metro. The New Yorkers in the video appeared to be indifferent. In Paris, they would have been appreciated and given the diversity of busking styles on public transport there, would have received enough Euros for their effort.


nate said...

Ha!, people here in nyc have this thing that they just simply refuse to give anyone attention no matter what. Improv Everywhere did (and I participated) on the pantless subway ride and no-underwear subway ride (no one was really naked, just wearing skin tone underwear to appear like you had none) and people just acted like they didn't notice a thing.

Daniel said...

Just as well, those get filmed. YouTube attention counts!