04 June 2010

It ain't just oil

BP is describing one of the biggest environmental disasters in history as the "MC252 oil well incident in the Gulf of Mexico."

According to BP, as at 1 June 2010, the "cost of the response to date amounts to about $990 million, including the cost of the spill response, containment, relief well drilling, grants to the Gulf states, claims paid and federal costs. It is too early to quantify other potential costs and liabilities associated with the incident."

The White House has sent a bill to BP for $69 million. After all, US taxpayers should not have to pay to fix a mess created by a large corporation.

In dollar amounts, it is a high price to pay.

Even higher, is the cost to the environment and living creatures.

Raw video footage from AP

Still photos at Boston Globe.

Live feed of oil leak (more like gush) from PBS
Streaming live video by Ustream

See Deepwater Horizon Response

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