03 June 2010

Venez comme vous êtes

A McDonald's television advertisement in France in which a boy talks to his boyfriend on the phone before his father arrives with their meal was barely mentioned in the French media. Unsurprisingly, it created a few ripples outside of France, considered to be 'controversial' enough to be news. See UK Daily Telegraph, Montreal Gazette, New York Times, Sydney Morning Herald.

The Sydney Morning Herald even published a reader poll. Of 10469 votes, 82 per cent rated it as charming, while 18 per cent rated it as alarming. In other words, nobody really cares in Australia.

Despite not even being aired in the United States, fringe conservative groups are outraged including the American Decency Association, which has threatened to boycott the chain and Henry Makow who considers the boy in the advertisement to have a 'disorder'. It seems those who crow the loudest have skeletons in their own closets (George Rekers anyone?).

Here is the original

The advertisement with English subtitles added

The advertisement began running on 21 May and will continue until 26 June.

Why the French would even consider eating at McDonald's given their fine cuisine is another question.

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