16 June 2010

Lena's Satellite auf Deutsch - 'Schland, oh, Schland'

Last month, I wrote about the Eurovision Song Contest. In mentioning the winning song, I had a gripe that though the entry was from Germany, the song 'Satellite' itself was sung in English.

Not all is lost. A German-language version has been covered, albeit a spoof for the World Cup Fußball.

From Der Spiegel

A prank video by university students in Germany has brought two of the country's recent obsessions together. But now, what started as a prank has ended in a recording contract with one of the world's largest entertainment companies and looks set to become a big hit in the next few weeks.

Inspired by Germany's victory in the Eurovision song contest in late May, the students, from the town of Münster, performed a parody of the winning song "Satellite," performed by Lena Meyer-Landrut. But the group changed the lyrics of the catchy pop song into an homage to the German national football team, now competing the the World Cup in South Africa. Instead of "Love, oh, Love," the refrain became "Schland, oh, Schland" -- football shorthand for Deutschland (Germany).

The idea of making the Eurovision hit song World Cup-friendly came from student Christian Landgraf. He changed the lyrics and recorded the new version with his brother Matthias and several friends.

Two days later, they made a video to accompany the music. One of the students dressed up as Lena, complete with a brunette wig and danced around in a Münster park, the extras bedecked in red, gold and black scarves and the national football team's shirts. The entire video was shot in under an hour. The group, which began calling itself Uwu Lena, created a web page and the video was posted on YouTube last Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

I think "Schland oh Schland" is brilliant! Lena's original sung sucked but the spoof version is really cool!