29 March 2011

the Double Down down under

In April last year, I wrote about the launch of KFC's Double Down sandwich (without any bread) in the United States.

At the time, there were no plans to make it available outside of the United States.

From tomorrow (30 March), the Double Down will be available in Australia for four weeks only (but six weeks in Tasmania). According to KFC's media release, resulting in considerable media coverage, it is being marketed to "young men left unsatisfied by traditional burgers".

- The Age
- Herald Sun
- Courier Mail
- Crikey

It will be a hit in terms of sales. The male-bonding over 'Double Down' 'ManTime' might be a different story.


nate said...

Have you tried it yet? I'm awaiting your thoughts.

Daniel said...

Yes. I ate one. One and only time. For lunch. Then I skipped dinner. Actually the number of calories is not any more than most other meals. Not really a big deal at all. Tasty.