13 August 2011

football - round 21 - QClash 2

Brisbane Lions    5.2    7.5    10.11   18.15  (123)
Gold Coast          1.4    3.6    4.9        8.13    (61)

Brisbane Lions:
Staker 2, Clark 2, Polkinghorne 2, Sheldon 2, Banfield 2, Leuenberger 2, Black, Raines, Adcock, Hanley, Stiller, Karnezis
Gold Coast: Rischitelli 2, Shaw 2, Ablett, Fraser, Stanley, Bennell

Brisbane Lions:
Black, Redden, Leuenberger, Staker, Rockliff, Drummond
Gold Coast: Bock, Ablett, McKenzie, Brennan, Iles

Brisbane Lions:
Aaron Cornelius replaced by Pat Karnezis at three-quarter time
Gold Coast: Charlie Dixon replaced by Dion Prestia in the third quarter

Umpires: Rosebury, Ryan, Wenn
Official crowd: 23,565 at the Gabba

Finally a win! Even if it was against another bottom-ranked team.  Dubbed the 'QClash' - Q for Queensland for the two teams in the state, the second rivalry game was won by the Brisbane Lions and redeemed them for the loss in round 7. Though a win, there was far too much inaccurate kicking-to-target. Match report by Michael Whiting.

Matthew Leuenberger (photo: Bradley Kanaris/Slattery Media)

Ash McGrath (photo: Jonathan Wood/Getty)

Aaron Cornelius (photo: Bradley Kanaris/Slattery Media)

Josh Drummond (photo: Jonathan Wood/Getty)

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