21 June 2007


On 8 April 2007, I wrote about 'whatev-ah'. Actually, 'whatev-ah' was so last year. So 'meh'! Thanks to The Simpsons, everybody uses it now. Even me!

From The Guardian
Meh means rubbish. It means boring. It means not worth the effort, who cares, so-so, whatever. It is the all-purpose dismissive shrug of the blogger and messageboarder. And it is ubiquitous. On the I Love Music messageboard, for example, 4,010 separate discussion threads feature the use of "meh".
From Danny Katz in the Sydney Morning Herald

Meh is just a short guttural utterance, mumbled without energy or conviction, and it can be used in just about any conversational context; I ask my daughter how her day was at school, she says "meh". I ask her how all her friends are going, she says "meh". I ask her if she loves me, she says "meh", though if you look carefully, she slightly twitches her eyebrow as an indication of her eternal devoted adoration - but only one eyebrow, because she doesn't want to exert herself.

And meh is actually a very good word, because it perfectly reflects the current state of human existence: the world is wallowing in a blank-brained, mumbly, murky swamp of meh-ness.


Courtney came over after work for a beer so stayed for dinner. Emily came over late as she was at work late. Then we had bangers and mash for dinner, and broccoli.

Court left, then Emily and I caught up on Prison Break as we usually do once a week.

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