15 March 2008

library table

From Bottega Veneta, a magnificent looking bookcase called 'library table'. Designed and created by Tomas Maier, the 'library table' is sheathed in parchment leather with matte gun-metal edging.

At £18,000 (USD 36,500 or around AUD 39,000), it is way out of my league.

Today was an early start. Mary came over around 7.30am and we went to the farmers' market. The first stalls that I target are the butchers. I usually pick up Saltbush lamb, followed by free range pork. Last time I went (with Sue D), I bought a bag of Saltbush lamb bones for Kane. After tasting those bones, he turned up his nose at ordinary beef bones! So there is now another bag in the fridge.

The great thing about markets where growers sell their produce, is that they are in season and locally grown. Most also do not use chemicals, so fruit like apples look imperfect. I also bought fresh corn cobs and other vegetables. I got a great deal on Sequoia potatoes - $4.50 a kg, but the grower gave it to me for $3 and he didn't even weigh them (which would have been around 1.2 kg). It made up for buying corn (6 cobs for $5) at double the price of the other stalls.

After returning home, I took Kane on a walk to the shops before it became too warm.

This evening, Theresa from two doors up came over for a drink (with Jet). It was great to chat with her.

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